Research Grants

  • 20202017

    HOMe-based HEart Failure Self-Management Programme Study (The HOM-HEMP Study): A single-blinded randomized controlled trial

    Team Member

  • 20182017

    A Nurse-led Smartphone-based Self-management Programme for Diabetes Patients with Poor Glycemic Control

    Team Member

  • 20172015

    Relating Health Analytic Process Model Use to Task Performance: An Empirical Analysis

    Team Member

  • 20172014

    Improving Knowledge and Awareness of Coronary Heart Disease among Working population through a mHealth Programme

    Team Member

  • -Pending

    Effects of a Mobile Application Programme (MAP) in supporting cardiac rehabilitation for patients with post-myocardial infarction: A randomized controlled trial

    Team Member


  • Mobile Computing
  • Mobile Health
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Decision Support Technologies
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Wireless Sensing Technologies
  • GPU Programming

Research Projects

  • Diabetes Connect

    Providing diabetic patients with solid mHealth support in the four key areas of diabetes self-management: glucose monitoring, diet tracking, medication reminder and exercise management

  • Automated Mobile Health

    Establishing a new paradigm of automated mobile health as the process automation of mobile-enabled health interventions

  • Care4heart

    Improving awareness, knowledge and heart-related lifestyle of coronary heart disease among working population through a mHealth programme