Industry Porfolio

I have been working in multiple large-scale projects for government agencies and multi-national corporations. Visit my LinkedIn for more information.

Selected Projects

  • 2011
    Hotel Review Tool, Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)
    Coordinated a technical team to maintain and enhance a Hotel Review Tool for Intercontinental Hotels Group which was globally deployed for IHG to conduct their standard and quality reviews on annual basis. The system catered for a sophisticated multi-level hierarchy of user roles such as Chief Operation Officer (COO), Director of Operation (DOO), Regional General Manager (RGM), and Hotel General Manager. It also features rich and interactive web elements: jQuery UI, jqPlot, jFreeChart, iText PDF and SWF Upload.

    Related Technologies: Java EE, JSP, JSTL, Oracle, Oracle SQL Developer, PL/SQL, JBoss, Resin, Spring MVC, Hibernate, log4j, SWF Upload, DOM4J, Apache Commons, jQuery, jQuery UI, AJAX, jqPlot, jFreeChart, Eclipse, iText, Eclipse IDE

  • 2011
    Global Intranet, Pan Pacific Hotels Group (PPHG)
    Managed a team of 8 members to implement PPHG’s global intranet which aimed to centralize access to enterprise information and applications on PPHG’s networks. As a multinational corporation with distributed information systems, PPHG has numerous challenges with IT governance, network connectivity, people database, single-sign on, and licensing. To address them all, I designed a cloud-based solution using Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Active Directory Federation Services and OpenVPN. The project was successfully launched in May 2011.

    Related Technologies: SharePoint 2010, InfoPath 2010, Project Server 2010, SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio 2010, Amazon EC2, Windows 2003/2008, SQL Server 2008, Virtualization, Small/Medium Farm Architecture, OpenVPN, Web Single-Sign-On (SSO), ADFS, Bamboo Alert Plus, Bamboo File Share Library, Telerik ASP.NET, C#, ASP.NET, Telerik ASP.NET, Wildcard SSL Certificate, Claim-Based Authentication, Trust Providers, Token Signing, Digital Signatures

  • 2011
    An Extensible Domain-Specific Question Answering Framework

    Designed and developed a Question Answering system using framework approach which was capable of finding satisfactory answers automatically by combining the power of tools and techniques in Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing and Question Answering. In the project, a generic architecture, domain knowledge ontology and an extensible Question Answering (XQA) framework were implemented with the use of state-of-the-art technologies such as OSGi and Java Content Repository (JSR-170, JSR-283). Besides, it also utilized machine learning techniques such as neural networks and logistic regression to improve overall performance of question answering results.

    Related Technologies: Question Answering, Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, knowledge ontology, knowledge representation language, question analysis, answer extraction, evaluation metrics, response generation, neural network, Support Vector Machine (SVM), logistic regression, OSGi, Java Content Repository (JSR-170 and JSR-283), RESTful, Beanshell, OpenNLP, Stanford CoreNLP, YAGO Java Tools, WordNet, Restlet

  • 2011
    Visitor Car Clearance System, Ministry of Health (MOH)
    Managed a team of SharePoint developers to customize, deliver, install, test and conducted training a Visitor Car Clearance System for MOH which facilitated the exchange of visitor passes at the security counters to ensure all visitors can gain entry to MOH building with minimum waiting time. The system was developed in Microsoft SharePoint 2007 by Hewlett-Packard (HP) as a government’s common application. It is now under the support and maintenance phase. Lately, I was leading the team to integrate the system with the government’s SoEasy network.

    Related Technologies: SoEasy Integration, MEDINET, SharePoint 2007, Visual Studio 2005, Singapore Government Data Center (GDC), User Profile Synchronization, People Picker Filtering, Common Apps, Hibernate, Spring .NET, Telerik ASP.NET, NIRC Scanning

  • 2010
    IT Audit, Elements of Research Pte Ltd
    Conducted an IT audit for Elements of Research in accordance to COBIT Control Objectives of Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ICASA).  The audit covered 108 control objectives in 23 areas such as Strategic IT Plan, IT Human Resources, Quality Management, Risk Management and System Security. As the results, a comprehensive report which consisted of Findings, Risks and Recommendations was delivered to the Managing Director, Mr. Alan Ferndano.

    Related Technologies: ICASA, COBIT, Strategic IT Plan, IT Processes, Organization and Relationships, Management Aims and Direction, Human Resources, IT Risk Management, Quality Management, Problem Management, Incident Management, Data Management, Performance Management, IT Governance

  • 2010
    Internet Publishing System, Public Utilities Board (PUB)
    Managed a development team to revamp the PUB internet website in Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Enterprise. The website was built with a modern look and feel using jQuery and SharePoint custom web parts such as News Slider, Facebook integration, or Image Gallery. One key feature of the website is a Water Level Sensors map which allows public visitors to monitor water levels at more than 90 locations using OneMap with an update interval of 10 minutes.

    The website was successfully launched in Mar 2011 at

    Related Technologies: SharePoint 2007, SharePoint Custom Web Part,  SharePoint publishing feature, staging farm, production farm, content deployment, import/export, backup/restore, OneMap, javascript, jQuery, KML

  • 2010
    Audi Singapore - Payment Gateway, D3signs Pte Ltd
    Developed a system which provided a mechanism for Audi Singapore’s customers to purchase their products and services online through eNETS payment gateway. Once payment is made successfully, administrators will be able to keep track of order history and transactions. The system was required to develop in PHP and XML, and was integrated with eNETS’s Unified Merchant API (UMAPI) for Java.

    Related Technologies: eNETS, UMAPI, PHP, Java, JSP, XML, Credit/Debit Card, iBanking Payment, DBS, Digital Signatures

  • 2010
    Internet Publishing System, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)

    Managed a development team to deliver The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) website which provides up-to-date information and e-services to various segments of the population, including members of public, building professionals and job seekers. The challenge of this project was to train junior Java developers to catch up the new Adobe CQ5 technology which was adopted by SHINE as Singapore Web Content Management System (WCMS).

    The SCDF website is located at

    Related Technologies: Adobe CQ5, SHINE, WCMS, Java Content Repository, CRX, OSGi, jQuery

  • 2009
    Careers@GOV, Prime Minister’s Office – Public Service Division (PSD)
    Developed an internet website for Prime Minister’s Office – Public Service Division to promote careers in the Singapore government agencies. The system was built on top Microsoft Content Management System 2002 with jQuery and Web 2.0 look and feel. It is also integrated with JobStreet for searching jobs. PSD has also requested for a feasibility study of the system with IPv6.

    The website is located at

    Related Technologies: JobStreet, Microsoft Content Management System 2002 (MCMS), jQuery, Facebook integration, SGMS, IPv4, IPv6

  • 2007
    Data Services Content Management System, MediaCorp Radio Pte Ltd
    Delivered a DAB Data Services Content Management System (DS-CMS) which provides a professional solution for broadcaster to manage and publish DAB data services such as slideshows and dynamic labels. These data services ranged from news, traffic reports, airport flight information, to entertainment news. The system is now broadcasting lively on two frequencies 7B(190.640MHz) and 7C(192.352MHz) over Digital Audio Broadcasting.

    Related Technologies: Factum Electronics, AVT Audio Visual Telecommunications Corp, C#, ASP.NET, MySQL, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), Teletext, CMS, Bilboard, traffic reports, airport flight information, ChannelNewsAsia, Rohde&Schwars, Factum Electronics